Sweet Tart Smoothie

Sweet Tart Smoothie

Sweet Tart Smoothie . . .

Sweet Tart Smoothie with Organic Ripe Red Pomegranates Ready to Eat

Hello Beasties, Jesse’s Sweet Tart Smoothie is the latest creation and since it’s the holidays, and the cold weather is here, we need a little more help with healthy snack choices!  What is here and in the grocery store, that my mom only buys this time of year as a treat are pomegranates!  Pomegranates are so tedious to get out of their semi soft shell, but when you are done…these little seeds of love are worth every minute! They pop in your mouth when you eat them and are sooo juicy!

I haven’t used Pomegranates in a smoothie before so I thought I would give these juicy little rascals a try!  Guess What?  Pomegranate seeds are very nutritious and have; ** Vitamin C (which helps tissue and bones grow), ** Vitamin Folate (the B vitamins) help our brains function), ** Vitamin K ( want to have healthy skin and hair, strong bones, and stronger heart?) and ** Potassium (ever get a bad Charlie?  Your leg just cramps up?  This is a muscle contraction and if you are low on Potassium) (your muscles won’t work right!)

Cuties for The Sweet Tart SmoothieI mixed in a Cutie… (you know those little miniature oranges?) because they are so easy to peel, sweet, and in season! These amazing little fruits will help you fight off a cold. Cuties have:

  • Vitamin C (helps those tissue and bones grow)
  • Flavonoid-antioxidants which fight free radicals (bad stuff)
  • Low calories

I added a Banana for natural sweetness and to give my smoothie a creamy texture…yum! Bananas are very tasty and have these healthy vitamins and minerals:  ** Potassium (for great muscle health) ** Magnesium (which keeps your blood pressure normal, bones strong, and your heart rate steady.) ** Phosphorus (keeps your kidneys healthy, your bones, your muscles, and yep our blood vessels)  ** Folate (which helps our brains function)

Lastly, I added some Cinnamon.   Cinnamon takes out some of the lip puckering tartness of the Cuties and the Pomegranate Seeds.  It’s also good for our stomachs and helps with digestion!

Sweet Tart Smoothie PreparationThe ingredients for my Sweet Tart Smoothie:

  • ½ cup water
  • ½-1 cup of milk (or whatever milk substitute you like)
  • 1 cutie…peeled of course…so cute and small
  • ½-1 banana
  • 3 tbsp of pomegranate seeds (more or less as you like)
  • Some cinnamon

I put all of my ingredients into my Ninja smoothie maker (you can use a blender or anything else) and blend for about a minute.  Blend longer so those Pomegranate seeds get chopped up really well.  You may want to use less seeds too!  Remember . . .  You can always add more or less of these ingredients and make it how YOU like it.

Need more energy?  Especially if you have to go to practice?  Make the Sweet Tart Smoothie first and take with you!  This Smoothie is very very healthy and You are making healthy snack choices!   That will make your mom’s really really happy!  Just ask my mom!   Tell them Jesse recommends it!

Go ahead…give it a try, feed the BEAST inside of YOU – my Sweet Tart Smoothie is just the answer!

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  1. Looks great Jesse! Im going to try it. Love the Cinnamon addition!! Ill let you know how It goes :-)!

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